Born of country roots and Brooklyn heartache, Jo Leon Guerrero’s Darlin Darlin has evolved from a hyper-personal solo act to a fully-fledged five piece with the pedigree to communicate her raw emotions in a lush musical landscape. Imbued with her childhood, her travels, her loves and losses, Leon Guerrero’s lifelong preoccupation with country music canon has inspired a melodic language all her own. Townes Van Zandt’s ballads of tragic heroism, Emmylou Harris’ tranquilly devastating delivery, and Loretta Lynn’s pint-sized swagger have all permeated a burgeoning catalog that can be relished for its familiarity as well as its freshness.


Leon Guerrero’s vocal contributions to a bevy of Brooklyn-based projects have in turn provided her with a band equipped to tackle the tender lows and rollicking highs of her music. Her husband and jack-of-all-trades multi-instrumentalist Brett Parnell (Threefifty) mans pedal-steel guitar, mandolin, and vocal harmony with equal dexterity and vision to expound on the core beauty of Leon Guerrero’s songs. Percussionist Evan Mitchell (Ghastly City Sleep, Los Encantados), bass player Ben Mattison (King Time), and newcomer Elias Blumm on lead-guitar have similarly deep-seated musical relationships that inform the rhythmic and harmonic layers of Leon Guerrero’s songbook.


Now performing with her greatest love and enduring friends by her side, it is still Leon Guerrero’s voice that serves as Darlin Darlin’s bedrock. An instrument all its own, it coos, sends chills down the spine, and leaves audiences and bandmates alike struck by its emotional depth whether on display in a heartbreaker or a foot-stomper. While Leon Guerrero’s journey will no doubt continue, she - and all of Darlin Darlin - is finally ready to share that voice with the world.